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In the past several years, Mei Tsui’s passion and sharing of the best choices for a healthy living lifestyle has reached many people all around the world – from regular people to professional athletes. This is a dream come true – the ability to change lives forever.



USANA is the premier provider of cutting-edge whole, all-natural foods and nutritional supplements. USANA offers the opportunity to develop a stronger immune system and feel more in control of your life with more energy, better sleep, and a sense of relaxation.


Certified Nutrition advisor

Mei Tsui was introduced to USANA Health Sciences and experienced the quality and difference of USANA products.

Professional network marketer

Join Mei Tsui’s growing network of Usana network distribution. Her many years of experience in network marketeering makes her the perfect professional to partner with.

Life style coaching

Mei Tsui is a certified and licensed health professional, who is committed to helping you improve your overall health.

Featured Products

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Supports joint health by helping to maintain healthy cartilage, improving joint comfort and mobility while promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

USANA MySmart Fibergy Plus

Promotes good digestion health and maintenance of heart health and also but it aids in normal bowel movement regularity as well, which helps move waste and toxins out of the colon quickly and efficiently.

Eye Nourisher

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. Formulated with both Regenisomes™ and DSR™ technology. It has a unique self-preserving formula with no added chemical preservatives nurtures your skin (U.S. Patent 7,214,391).

Dr. Johns Dunlap DMP

I like my personalized nutritional solution that Mei recommended beacuse I have more energy troughout the day and I have an improved immune system.